Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Things

yes after all the bad of april some good in may is very welcome.  the big news is that my oldest got engaged.  we are all so happy for B and D!  it was a beautiful, romantic proposal, that was what every mom dreams of for her little girl.  D is a great guy and i am overjoyed to have him be a part of our family.

aisy has been very busy dancing.  on the 30th of april her production group danced at the spring festival.  in between performances they sold bottled water to earn money for their disneyland trip in the fall.  this past weekend she danced in the mother lode round up parade and on sunday we celebrated her 10th birthday as well as mother's day.  as you can see it is non-stop around here.  

gilli finally got her hard cast on the 2nd and we have a recheck on the 18th.  she seems to be doing much better and complains very little of having pain so thankfully she seems like she is on the mend.

 the girls were also busy at school with plays and tent town (a school project that recreates a town during the gold rush).  i was so impressed with how they manage to juggle their busy schedules and still manage to excel in school.

    so nice to be able to share some positive things!!!!!

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